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We are very pleased to have this opportunity to present our products and services. We have been providing innovative and original home furnishings for over forty years, fine wines now for over eight years and consumer product designs for over fifteen years. Having established several lasting standards in the home furnishings industry, we have expanded our mission as an importer and exporter. We continually offer refreshing products; that provide you the opportunity to profit from your customers’ desires. With price points that will turn your inventory and products and services that will continue to attract your customers’ attention.

Our philosophy is centered upon product collections and integrated production management. Collections that are unique and products that are functional. Within you will find the products that embody Homtomi’s ongoing commitment to the creation of high quality home furnishings, fine wines and consumer products. We are pleased to present unparalleled craftsmanship; in combination with creative efforts for products from around the world.

Our products and services not only uphold the highest standards, but our prompt delivery, tracking and pricing combine to deliver an exceptionally strong package to you our customers. Enstyle Furnishings, Homtomi SJ Select Wines portfolio of fine wine brands and Homtomi+Bydisegno designs have earned their well deserved reputation for excellence; because of quality craftsmanship, quality wine making, quality service and consistency.

In closing, a word of thanks. “Thank-you” for your continuing support and interest in our products, and this opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Defining Global Resourcing

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