Furnishings Overview

Mission Statement

We are committed to satisfying our customers with home furnishings that resonate with fashion, design and creativity. By design, manufacture and support, we are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our youthful and passionate consumers.

Vision Goals

As we at Homtomi pursue shaping the home environment of the 21st century, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers home furnishings that respect and value our communities and our environment.

We have deliberately recognized the continuing fast paced changes and desires that define our customers’ expectations. We have committed our planning and resources to designing and manufacturing innovative and value added products to meet the changing tastes of our consumers.

Additionally, we have devoted our efforts to providing exemplary home furnishings through process controls and quality assurance. We remain dedicated to maintaining these objectives in appreciation of the commitment our customers have made to our company.

Geography Locations

As a company, our resources are focused on North America and Europe; through our offices in United States and England.

Defining Global Resourcing

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