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Homtomi was founded in Southern California over forty years ago as an importer and distributor of quality home accessories. Over the years we have evolved and expanded and today create home furniture designs with manufacturing and sales reaching from Asia to Europe in one division and develop single family residential communities focused on American entry level buyers in a second division.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to present an overview of our products and services to you. We have been providing innovative and original award winning home furnishings and architectural solutions throughout our history.

Having established several lasting standards in the home furnishings industry, we have expanded our mission as an importer and exporter. We continually offer refreshing products; that provide you, our customer, with value and attention to design. With price points that will turn your head. Our philosophy is centered upon product collections and integrated production management. Collections that are unique and products that are functional. You will find our products embody Homtomi’s ongoing commitment to the creation of high quality home furnishings.

We are now embarked on a new chapter of our real estate development efforts. We are now applying our efforts and resources towards developing solutions to create affordable entry level single family homes.  There are many challenges in this endeavor, but we are determined to forge new solutions to serve our customer. Our homes will serve new home buyers, create growing benefits for our communities and provide lasting memories for families realizing affordable home ownership.

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